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2017 season

January 29th - purchase one case of premium paint per player and get a free entry

February 12th - two for the price of one special "Valentine Special"

March 12th - Daylight Savings Special - 1/2 off admission

March 25th & 26th - event - no open play

May 6th & 7th - Sherwood Classic - no open play

May 14th - Happy Mother's Day - CLOSED

May 2016 Prom Special - show us your prom ticket or picture and get 1/2 off admission

June 10th & 11th - Airsoft event weekend - no open play

August 5th & 6th - Airsoft event weekend - no open play

September 16th & 17th - Mission Master Game - no open play

November 24th - Black Friday - 1/2 off admission

December 16th - Buy one get one free admission

December 30th - $10 all day rental/air or No Charge if you have your own gear.


Visit us on facebook for updated and additional information.  

Dates are subject to change.

 If temperature are 20 degrees or below we will not be open.  This is to ensure you have a good time while playing, along with everything working properly.  Thank you.