24 hr scenario game

May 4th & 5th, 2019

Sherwood 24 hour firefly2 3.jpg

By: Bobby Gogolin

The year is 2520, 2 years after the confirmation of the existence of Miranda…and the Reavers.

While Alliance forces did win the battle against the Reavers that day, it was not without cost.  Suffering losses serious enough to cripple the Navy and failing to prevent “The Wave”,  the Alliance soon came under attack from surviving Independents and other likewise minded folk. Malcolm Reynolds and crew join the fight under the Leadership of Commander Masters, who was reforming the Independent’s ranks and strategies. It was during the strategy session That Reynolds spoke up saying, “Sir, The Reavers were not all killed during the battle over Mr. Universe’s planet. There are still 33 Alliance ships unaccounted for, and an undetermined number of Reaver ships escaped. We’ve got to close our back door before we engage the Alliance head on.  There’s Reavers out there that needs killin’.  If’n we don’t kick them all for certain, they WILL be back to haunt us.” With that, a course was set for Miranda. It was somewhat disconcerting that no Reavers were seen on the way to Miranda by the Armada. But even more troubling was the fact that not one Reaver ship was on or around Miranda. But that feeling of uncomfortability  was not to last for long.  “I’ve got incoming!” chirped River Tam.  “My screen is full of them! They’re all… different…kinds…” as River’s voice trailed off. She turned to Mal and spoke only one word. “REAVERS.”

This is a Brigade Program/Patched event.  Get a $10 discount off online registration only and a Brigade patch.  For further information on becoming a Brigade member click here.

REGISTER HERE January 4th, 2019

*$55 Early bird entry on or before March 30th, 2019

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*$75 Walk-on entry

Paint $55+tx for G.I. 3 Star or Valken Graffiti on or before April 20th, walk on $65 for both paints.  First Strike Rounds $84.95+tx for 250 count on or before April 20th.

*all weekend air is included

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