October 1-3, 2020

Ronin Kinetic Entertainment brings you:

Stay tuned for game details

Stay tuned for game details

It's on! Infinite War will rage through Sherwood. Welcome to the most advanced territory control gaming experience available.

A match up for the ages, it's Jason Bryant of Infected Scenario Paintball vs Justin Glasen of the Deplorables!! These two veterans are also Ronin Kinetic's earliest adopters, alpha testers, Warlord app testers, player achievement contributors, and have more experience than anybody with the RKE platform.

Come fight it out in paintball's most advanced territory control game. Experience fully automated flag stations, Augmented Reality interfaces, force tracking, smart watch integration, HUD integration, automated game mechanics that free up referees to focus on paintball and safety, and the many other advantages of playing a networked connected game.

*300 player limit
*No non-event costumes
*No personal photographers

Additional pricing and information to follow soon.